ViaTechMD: A Client Success Story

Preterm Birth: A Growing Global Healthcare Crisis

Every now and then, an invention comes along that promises to be life-changing, and in some cases, life-saving. Booth Udall Fuller has the opportunity to work with a patent client on such an innovative device to help intervene in the growing healthcare crisis of Preterm Birth.

Preterm Birth (PTB) refers to infants born prior to 37 weeks of gestation that can be caused by a number of factors, though a large percentage are specifically due to incontinent cervix. (Twins and other multiple pregnancies are nearly always affected by incontinent cervix because they put increased pressure on the cervix.) 

Each year, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm, including 400,000 in the US; one million, or 3,000 per day, do not survive. The associated mortality rates are heartbreaking and the medical costs astronomical. Currently, the only available treatments to preempt Preterm Birth include controversial pharmaceutical and invasive medical procedures, none of which demonstrate proof of efficacy. However, now a new and better option is on the horizon.

A Life-saving and Award-winning Invention

ViaTechMD, an organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona, set out with the mission of reversing the Preterm Birth Crisis and, as a result, developed the Cervical Stabilization Device (CSD). ViaTechMD describes the now globally patented CSD as “the first and only non-invasive, medication-free, preventative treatment designed to support a successful and natural birthing event by addressing a wide range of antenatal, perinatal, and prenatal conditions known to contribute to PTB”. 

The CSD can significantly increase the likelihood of survival by helping to extend pregnancy. It does so by stabilizing and protecting the cervix. ViaTechMD states that the “CSD retains the developing infant by supporting the uterus proximate the cervical fornices so as to reduce bearing forces acting upon the lower uterine segment and cervix which by the latest scientific research and discovery are recognized to accelerate the birthing process. “  This device ultimately promises to prolong gestation and is able to do so without damaging the cervix as other methods do.

The far-reaching potential life-saving the CSD promises resulted in ViaTechMD receiving First Place from Tech Briefs Media Group (an SAE International Company) in the medical category for 2019’s Create the Future Design Contest (a contest which received over 700 entries from 60 different countries). We look forward to the increased media and news coverage that ViaTechMD will receive from this win which will help bring the knowledge of this breakthrough device to the world. 

Patent Protection Around the World

Due to its unique structure and life-supporting functions, ViaTechMD was able to receive multiple United States Patents to protect its new medical devices and their use and function, and has one or more patents in each of many other countries around the world including at least, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, the European Union, Canada, Israel, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.  Congratulations to ViaTechMD for its innovation and recognition of success for its life-saving innovation around the world! Booth Udall Fuller is proud to work with and recognize such innovative clients to promote protection for their efforts.