United States Publication 20090242089


Golf club head cover with snap closure

Published:  October 1, 2009

Inventors:  Gaffney; Travis; (Tempe, AZ)

Abstract:  There is provided a golf club cover with a magnetized snap closure that provides a functional but convenient and attractive method for affixing and removing a cover from the head of a golf club, particularly a putter. A golfer need only align the golf club, such as by pointing the tip of a putter head toward the opening in the cover, and then quickly push the club head right through the opening and into an internal cavity of the cover. Two matching arm fasteners are disposed in opposing flaps of the cover. The arm fastener includes a flange portion and a magnet with the magnets serving to maintain the arm fasteners in a generally engaged position. Movement of the club shaft toward the interior of the cover will cause the magnetic snap closure to briefly open so as to allow the shaft to pass through the closure. Then, once the shaft has passed the closure, meaning that the head of the club has reached its resting place in the cover cavity, the snap closure then automatically (magnetically) closes so as to secure the golf club cover around the club head. In order to remove the club from the cover, the user quickly pulls the club away, which sufficiently opens the snap closure and allows the club to be extricated from the cover.