United States Publication 20090181440



Published:  July 16, 2009

Inventors:  Rush; Stephen L.; (Yucaipa, CA)

Abstract:  A cellulosic ethanol production system. Implementations may include a feed stage that may produce a raw cellulose stream from a waste cellulose stream and an algae cellulose stream. A hydrolysis stage may produce a hydrolyzed cellulose stream. A liquefaction stage may produce a formed sugars stream and one or more liquefaction byproduct streams. A fermentation stage may react the formed sugars stream with a yeast feed in at least one fermenter to produce a raw ethanol stream. A separation stage may separate ethanol from the raw ethanol stream and to produce a fuel ethanol stream. An algae generation stage may include at least one algae bioreactor and may react the one or more liquefaction byproduct streams with algae in the at least one algae bioreactor to produce an algae stream. A biodiesel production stage may produce a biodiesel stream and the algae cellulose stream.