United States Publication 20090180281


Submersible High Illumination LED Light Source

Published:  July 16, 2009

Inventors:  Ahland, III; Walter W.; (Mesa, AZ) ; La Belle; Chris; (Chandler, AZ) ; Kulaga; Thomas; (Chandler, AZ) ; Kremer; Michael; (Gilbert, AZ)

Abstract:  A submersible high illumination light source assembly is disclosed, comprising at least one module. A module comprises a heat sink having a front surface and a rear surface. A printed circuit board comprising one or more electrical connections sized and shaped to couple with a plurality of high-illumination light emitting diode (LED) lamps is in thermal communication with the front surface of the heat sink. The plurality of high-illumination LED lamps are coupled in electronic communication with the printed circuit board via the one or more electrical connections. At least one reflector is sized and shaped to accept the insertion of one or more of the plurality of high-illumination LED lamps. A window is in watertight communication with the reflector plate. The submersible high illumination light source assembly operates both when submerged underwater and exposed to air.