United States Publication 20090145493



Published:  June 11, 2009

Assignee:  PIP CO., LTD.

Inventors:  Lee; Yeong-Chun; (Gyeonggi-do, KR)

Abstract:  Disclosed herein is a built-in wall water service box. The water service box of the present invention includes a case (100) which is connected to cold and hot water pipes (10, 20) and is open at a front end thereof, and a faucet unit (200) which is provided in the case (100) and mixes cold and hot water, which enters the case (100), with each other. The water service box further includes a cover (300) which protects the faucet unit (200) and is coupled to the open front end of the case (100), and a cover flush-mounting unit (400) which is provided between the case (100) and the cover (300) to adjust a gap between the cover (300) and the case (100) embedded in a wall.