United States Publication 20090088074



Published:  April 2, 2009

Inventors:  Limbaugh; Douglas V.; (Glendale, AZ) ; Murphy; Patrick A.; (Phoenix, AZ) ; Pease; Brian L.; (Milton, VT) ; Savoca; Metthew J.; (Peoria, AZ) ; Simms; Geoffrey D.; (Phoenix, AZ)

Abstract:  Systems and methods for communication in enclosed areas. Implementations of a method may include sending a first high frequency (HF) signal using a first HF radio, receiving the first HF signal with a first medium frequency (MF) repeater, converting the first HF signal to an MF signal using the first MF repeater, and sending the MF signal to one or more second MF repeaters located in an enclosed space. The method may include receiving the MF signal with the one or more second MF repeaters, converting the MF signal to a second HF signal using the one or more second MF repeaters, and sending the second HF signal to a second HF radio. Implementations of radio communication systems may utilize MF repeaters with MF antennas which may be omnidirectional.