United States Publication 20090059839


Broadband Satellite System and Method


Published:  March 5, 2009

Inventors:  Ehlers; John; (Chandler, AZ) ; Eymann; Steven; (Phoenix, AZ) ; Reum; Phil; (Tempe, AZ)

Abstract:  Implementations of broadband satellite systems may comprise systems implementing embodiments of one, two or all of the aspects of distributed leadership, distributed bandwidth allocation and distributed timing. In systems implementing distributed leadership aspects, the control and administration of the network can be effectively performed by any site. In systems implementing distributed bandwidth allocation aspects, all remote sites may act in concert by running the same algorithm on the information they have received, arriving at a harmonious conclusion. In systems implementing distributed timing aspects, time division multiple access ("TMDA") bursts within timeslots may not require a central timing reference, a distributed high stability timing reference or a timing leader.