United States Publication 20090054026



Published:  February 26, 2009

Inventors:  Miller; Richard M.; (Gilbert, AZ) ; Mamaril; Cris M.; (Mesa, AZ)

Abstract:  A signal filtering system for a frequency reuse system. A first implementation may include a downlink baseband signal, coupled to a downlink bandwidth filter, including a composite received signal including at least an interfering signal and a signal of interest, each having a composite bandwidth, a first bandwidth, and a second bandwidth, respectively. An uplink baseband signal may be included, coupled to an uplink bandwidth filter, having a replica of the interfering signal corresponding with the interfering signal and having an interference bandwidth. A baseband processing module may be coupled with the downlink bandwidth filter and the uplink bandwidth filter and may be configured to cancel the interfering signal from the composite received signal using the replica of the interfering signal. The downlink bandwidth filter may be configured to reduce the composite bandwidth and the uplink bandwidth filter may be configured to reduce the interference bandwidth.