United States Publication 20090007325


Swimming pool drain

Published:  January 8, 2009

Inventors:  Goettl; John M.; (Phoenix, AZ)

Abstract:  A sump for a swimming pool or spa includes a grate having an elongated slot for inflow of water at a low velocity high flow rate. A housing of relatively large capacity includes an outlet for conveying water to an oversized suction line to maintain the low velocity high flow rate to the junction with a conventionally sized standard suction line in fluid communication with a suction pump. A bypass line in fluid communication with the water in the pool or spa discharges water into the housing when the slot is sufficiently covered to prevent satisfying the flow rate into the suction line demanded by the pump and thereby prevent a level of suction at the slot sufficient to entrap clothing or a body part of a swimmer against the grate. The grate, a frame supporting the grate on the housing and the housing are devoid of elements that might cause entanglement of hair drawn into the sump. A hydrostatic valve may be coupled with the housing at locations of a pool or spa where the ground water level is sufficiently high to cause flotation of the pool or spa when partially filled or empty.