United States Publication 20080206581


Static-Electricity Proof Tile

Published:  August 28, 2008

Inventors:  Lee; Moon-Soo; (Seoul, KR)

Abstract:  Disclosed is static electricity proof tile, which has volume resistance lower than conventional tiles, prevents bleeding, which typically occurs in static electricity proof tiles manufactured using a surfactant, blocks electronic waves and water vein waves, and has an excellent moisturization function. The static electricity proof tile (100) according to this invention includes an upper layer (10) and a lower layer (20) provided beneath the upper layer (10) and formed of synthetic resin material containing a surfactant, in which a barrier means (50) is interposed between the upper layer (10) and the lower layer (20) for preventing bleeding of the surfactant. Further, the static electricity proof tile can have volume resistance decreased to 10.sup.6-10.sup.10, compared to conventional static electricity proof tiles, can prevent bleeding of the surfactant contained in the lower layer formed of synthetic resin material and also separation of the tile due to bleeding of the surfactant, and can block electronic waves and water vein waves.