United States Publication 20080171639



Published:  July 17, 2008

Inventors:  Hahn; Sang-Won; (Seoul, KR)

Abstract:  The present invention relates to a stepper with a wave type vibrator, which enables a user to aerobically exercise his/her feet or other parts requiring training to harden the parts or reduce the body fat thereof, using both strong wave type vibrating motion of a step board and an improved multi-level control system, thus increasing the base metabolic rate of the user's body and realizing effective body fat reduction and an increase in muscle power. The stepper includes a stepper frame, a drive unit and a control unit. The stepper frame is composed of a box-shaped stand, a central column securely standing on the stand, and a handle arm extending outwards from each of left and right sides of the central column to an associated position on the stand. The drive unit is composed of a step board installed in the depression of the stand, with a plurality of acupressure protrusions and two far-infrared lamps, a drive motor mounted to the bottom wall of the step board, a drive belt wrapped around the output shaft of the drive motor, a driven pulley connected to the output shaft of the drive motor by the drive belt, a rotating shaft rotated by the driven pulley and divided into left and right shaft parts based on the driven pulley, and a vibrating bracket having an actuating link to be actuated in conjunction with rotation of the rotating shaft. The control unit is composed of a course setting unit for commanding the drive unit to execute four different vibrating motions and controlling power supply for the drive unit, and a far-infrared lamp controller for controlling a preset temperature and a preset operating time period of the far-infrared lamps.