United States Publication 20080096694


Golf Tee

Published:  April 24, 2008

Inventors:  Chang; Se-Chang; (Seoul, KR)

Abstract:  Disclosed is a golf tee which is prevented from being lost even though a golfer strikes the golf tee along with a golf ball when executing a tee shot. The golf tee of the present invention includes a ball support unit (10), a peg unit (20), a magnet (15), an iron core (23) and a loss prevention string (30). The ball support unit (10) has a ball seat (11), a coupling protrusion (13) and a first receiving hole (14). The magnet (15) is fitted into the first receiving hole (14) of the ball support unit (10). The peg unit (20) has a coupling depression (21) and a second receiving hole (22). The iron core (23) is fitted into the second receiving hole (22) of the peg unit (20). The loss prevention string (30) couples the ball support unit (10) to the peg unit.