United States Publication 20080042752


Current limit circuit for compensating for output load mismatch of a RF power amplifier

Published:  February 21, 2008

Inventors:  Salove; Matthew J.; (Portland, OR) ; Davenport; William H.; (Portland, OR)

Abstract:  An apparatus and method is disclosed for providing control of current consumption of a power amplifier. The power amplifier comprises an output stage for amplifying a RF signal, and the output stage is operably coupled to an output load. The power amplifier further comprises a bias circuit operably coupled to the output stage, wherein the bias circuit is capable of applying a bias voltage to the output stage. The power amplifier still further comprises a limit circuit operably coupled to the bias circuit for detecting an increase in the current of the output stage under an output load mismatch and in response, decreasing the bias voltage applied to the output stage.