United States Publication 20060037662


Inflator for vehicle protection apparatus

Published:  February 23, 2006

Inventors:  Fink; Michael; (Mesa, AZ)

Abstract:  A pressurized container includes a vessel defining a chamber therein. A housing that is connected to the vessel defines an outlet that is fluidly separated from the chamber by a closure member. A moveable member may be seated within and form a seal with the housing and abut the closure member. Activation of an initiator propels the moveable member through the closure member, thereby fluidly connecting the chamber and the outlet. Also, the chamber might include a first portion and a second portion, wherein an isolator member substantially fluidly separates the first portion and the second portion. Gas released from the first portion initially inflates an air bag associated with the pressurized container and gas released from the second portion maintains the inflation of the air bag for a time.