United States Patent 7,578,010


Method for operating a pop-up cleaning nozzle for a pool or spa

Issued:  August 25, 2009

Assignee:  Paramount Leisure Industries, Inc. (Tempe, AZ)

Inventors:  Goettl; John M. (Phoenix, AZ)

Abstract:  A recessed incrementally rotating nozzle assembly is located in a wall or bottom surface of a swimming pool in fluid communication through a conduit with a source of water under pressure from a valve, which valve periodically releases water into the conduit. Each time water flows, a nozzle housing is raised to eject a stream of water. As the nozzle housing rises, it is incrementally rotated by a pin engaging a saw tooth member of a cam ring. Upon cessation of flow, the nozzle housing is retracted and during retraction the nozzle housing is further incrementally rotated by the pin engaging another saw tooth member of the cam ring. After a predetermined degree of angular rotation, a cam reverser slidably reorients protrusions guiding the pin into and out of the saw tooth members to cause the pin to be guided by the opposite side of the saw tooth members and thereby cause reversal of the direction of rotation of the nozzle housing. After the predetermined degree of rotation in the reverse direction has occurred, the direction of rotation is again reversed by the cam reverser. The angle through which rotation occurs is readily adjusted by substituting an appropriately configured pattern cam. The fan of water streams ejected may be readily reoriented to correspond with an area of interest by unlocking the position of a cam ring, angularly reorienting the cam ring and locking it in its new position.