United States Patent 7,574,383


System and method for providing distributed inventory management

Issued:  August 11, 2009

Assignee:  i2 Technologies US, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

Inventors:  Parasnis; Abhay Vinayak (Coppell, TX), Bharara; Ashish (Dallas, TX)

Abstract:  A method for distributed inventory management includes receiving information regarding a number of participants in a value chain and information regarding one or more items relevant in the value chain. The method also includes modeling relationships between two or more of the participants based on the received information and modeling the one or more items based on the received information. Furthermore, the method includes receiving inventory data from the participants relating to the one or more items, processing the inventory data based on the models of the relationships and the items to generate inventory information related to one or more of the participants, and communicating the generated inventory information to one or more of the participants. The inventory information at least partially includes information regarding inventory data of participants other than those participants to which the inventory information is communicated.