United States Patent 7,482,537


Method for cleaning pool surface

Issued:  January 27, 2009

Assignee:  Paramount Leisure Industries, Inc. (Tempe, AZ)

Inventors:  Goettl; John M. (Phoenix, AZ), Conn; Richard D. (Tempe, AZ)

Abstract:  A method for cleaning a pool surface is carried out by structure having a protruding nozzle assembly mounted in a side wall of a swimming pool in communication with a source of water for ejecting through a nozzle of a nozzle housing a stream of water at a predetermined angle relative to the adjacent side wall surface. During each erection and retraction of the nozzle housing precipitated by initiation and cessation of water flow to the nozzle assembly, the nozzle housing rotates incrementally to provide a plurality of streams of water defining a fan-like area from each nozzle as such nozzle comes into fluid communication with an opening in a cover enclosing the nozzle housing. Each nozzle is canted to a different angle above the adjacent pool surface to assist in cleaning sloping parts of the side wall/bottom surface junction and to assist in cleaning any adjacent structures extending from the side wall.