United States Patent 7,477,140


See-through lighted information display

Issued:  January 13, 2009

Inventors:  Booth; Kenneth C. (Mesa, AZ), Burden; Kael Duaine (Mesa, AZ)

Abstract:  Embodiments for lighted see-through displays include a plurality of light elements positioned thereon at select points arranged to convey information. The light elements may be selectively lit to provide fixed or moving information, or may even be programmed to change or even display like a marquee or even a television. Particular embodiments of the invention employ a lightweight, flexible substrate to support the light elements. Other embodiments employ one or more comparatively rigid substrates supporting rows of light elements. Particular applications for the lighted sign embodiments include display in vehicle windows such as police vehicle windows, construction and utility vehicle windows, and school bus and public transportation windows. Global Positioning System and radio signal receiver components allow for regional display of pertinent information in particular embodiments of the invention.