United States Patent 7,462,778


Horizontal and vertical mountable weatherproof cover plate

Issued:  December 9, 2008

Assignee:  TayMac Corporation (Gilbert, AZ)

Inventors:  Shotey; Michael J. (Scottsdale, AZ), Shotey; Marcus J. (Scottsdale, AZ), Maltby; Edgar W. (Mesa, AZ)

Abstract:  A weatherproof cover plate that may be installed horizontally and vertically is disclosed. In a weatherproof flat cover plate, an apron is provided to offer a water shield along at least two sides of the cover plate base. Additionally, a continuous ridge on the base is disclosed in association with a gasket and a biased hinge to provide additional protection against the weather. A novel locking clip is also disclosed. In a weatherproof bubble cover plate, a biased hinge is provided to bias the lid closed upon the base. Additionally, one or more cord catches in the base and knock-outs in the lid are disclosed. Other embodiments include bubble cover plates having gaps between the lid and the base to allow a cord to pass therethrough when the lid is close.