United States Patent 7,430,779


Combination toilet brush and plunger

Issued:  October 7, 2008

Inventors:  Garry; Steven (Mesa, AZ)

Abstract:  A tool for both plunging and cleaning plumbing fixtures and drains includes a handle with a plunger and a cleaning brush both connected to the same end of the handle. The plunger is removable by way of a connector between the brush handle and the plunger head. The brush and handle may be released from the plunger head and used for scrubbing and cleaning a toilet bowl. The plunger may be reconnected to the brush and handle, allowing the plunger head to be operated by use of the brush handle. When the plunger, brush and handle are connected, the tool is also in a storage form and may be easily and aesthetically stored. Exemplary embodiments are particularly useful for cleaning and plunging toilets using the combination toilet brush and toilet plunger.