United States Patent 7,370,009


Extreme capacity management in an electronic marketplace environment

Issued:  May 6, 2008

Assignee:  i2 Technologies US, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

Inventors:  Notani; Ranjit N (Irving, TX), Chaturvedi; Vinatha (Coppell, TX), Ghaisas; Vinayak S (Irving, TX), Chaturvedi; Harsha (Coppell, TX)

Abstract:  A system (10) for managing a capacity extreme at a first entity (12) in a supply chain includes a planning application (36) that receives status data for at least the first entity (12) reflecting the capacity extreme at the first entity (12) and generates a plan (34) according to the status data. A manager application (44) receives the plan (34) and, according to the plan (34), automatically initiates at least one service in an attempt to resolve at least a portion of the capacity extreme through interaction with one or more other entities (12). The manager application (44) selects the service from among a plurality of available services based on a monetary value to the first entity (12) of a resolution expected to be available using the selected service relative to other services.