United States Patent 7,249,044


Fulfillment management system for managing ATP data in a distributed supply chain environment

Issued:  July 24, 2007

Assignee:  i2 Technologies US, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

Inventors:  Kumar; Sanjay (Coppell, TX), Thomas; Stanton L. (Incline Village, NV), Deshpande; Gaurav M. (Irving, TX), Murty; Venkataesh V. (Irving, TX)

Abstract:  A fulfillment management system includes a database operable to store product availability information associated with at least one product. The fulfillment management system also includes one or more processors collectively operable to receive at least one component available-to-promise (ATP) request. Each component ATP request corresponds to a particular ATP request line-item for a desired product. The one or more processors are also operable to retrieve at least a portion of the product availability information associated with the desired product from the database for each component ATP request, determine an ATP response for each component ATP request using the retrieved product availability information, generate a component quotation for each component ATP request according to the corresponding ATP response, and communicate the component quotation for consolidation with other component quotations.