United States Patent 6,988,695


Adjustable and collapsible display stand

Issued:  January 24, 2006

Inventors:  Burris; Jeff (Mesa, AZ)

Abstract:  An adjustable and collapsible display stand provides improved adaptability to uneven surfaces. Adjustable, flexible connections between strut braces and adjoining struts and a vertical support member allow a user to adjust the angle, load, support and position of the collapsible display for enhanced usage. The point of closest approach of the struts may be constrained by a grommet, clamp, sleeve, or motor bracket and maintained a predetermined distance from the foot by a vertical support member. A simplified, inexpensive apparatus for connecting strut ends to mounting tubes makes installation easier. The collapsible display stand may be adjusted and easily set-up by hand. Variations of the display stand enable mounting on a wall, mounting with strut braces supported by the ground at the end of the vertical support member, and mounting with strut braces supported at a middle region of the vertical support member.