United States Patent 6,964,075


Carpet trimmer and tucker

Issued: November 15, 2005

Assignee:  Quick Tuck, LLC (Mesa, AZ)

Inventors:  Iannacone, Jr.; Charles P. (Gilbert, AZ)

Abstract:  A bi-directional carpet trimmer and tucker tool has recesses receiving blades in a generally horizontal or slightly angled orientation. The blades and recesses have structure to inhibit rotational and translational movement of the blades in the tool. The tool also has a trailings guide engaging trailings trimmed from an edge of carpet to be tucked. The trailings guide moves the trailings away from at least one tucking wheel along a path generally between a handle and the at least one tucking wheel. This guiding operation inhibits interference of the trailings with tucking and trimming operations.