United States Patent 6,954,958


Multi-use Broad Bladed Knife

Issued: October 18, 2005

Inventors:  Stubbs; Shawn (Anchorage, AK)

Abstract:  In accordance with the present invention, a multi-use broad bladed knife is provided. The multi-use knife includes a broad blade, such as commonly used to apply spackle to a wall or other surface. The broad blade is attached to a handle, with a striking surface comprised of an appropriate hard material on the heel of the handle. Within the handle are slidably extendable and retractable implements, including a cutting edge and a screwdriver implement. The cutting edge and screwdriver implement may be extended through the heel of the handle through slits using buttons. The screwdriver implement and cutting edge may lock into place when extended for use and may also lock in place when retracted within the handle.