United States Patent 6,938,292


Carpet Trimmer and Tucker

Issued: September 6, 2005

Assignee: Quick Tuck, LLC (Mesa, AZ)

Inventors:  Iannacone, Jr.; Charles P. (Gilbert, AZ)

Abstract:  The invention is a bi-directional carpet trimmers and tucker. The trimmers may be adjusted or sized to trim the carpet edge to the correct length for tucking. At least two trimmers are provided, one for each direction of operation. The height offset of the trimmers above the carpet trimmer and tucker baseplate may be fixed or may be adjustable to allow for variances in carpet thickness and different depths of the tucking trough. Guides extend from the trimmers to slidingly or rollingly engage the wall or baseboard and to orient the trimmers. The trimmer blades are oriented horizontally. The invention also includes a retrofit trimmer for existing carpet tuckers. The retrofit kit comprises a replacement handle, or grip, with integral or attachable trimmers extending to align with the wheels of existing 3-wheeled carpet trimmers.