United States Patent 6,924,433


Base and Electrical Outlet Having an Expandable Base Mounting Aperture and Method for Making Same

Issued: August 2, 2005

Assignee:  TayMac Corporation, Tempe, AZ

Inventors:  Shotey; Michael J (Scottsdale, AZ), Shoetey; Marcus J (Scottsdale, AZ), Maltby; Edgar W. (Mesa, AZ) 

Abstract:  A base for an electrical outlet cover, an electrical outlet, and manufacturing method, the base including a backing member containing various mounting apertures designed to permit the passage of fastening devices, other apertures to allow access to portions of the electrical outlet, and sidewalls adapted to support and strengthen the base and to provide a place of attachment for hinges to which a cover may be attached. At least a portion of the backing member adjacent to a mounting aperture is flexible, whereby upon the application of pressure the mounting aperture can expand to receive a screw head therethrough and upon the release or discontinuation of such pressure the mounting aperture can return to its relaxed state, thus allowing the base to be installed over an existing electrical outlet without the need to remove any mounting screws. An alternate embodiment includes a base mounting aperture backed by a retaining device. The retaining device is sized so as to permit the passage of the body but not the head of a fastening device. Access to the fastening device is obtained by inserting a screwdriver or other tool through the base mounting aperture.