United States Trademark 77/558,967

Filed:  August 29, 2008

Owners:  Get Out of Your Cube, L.L.C.; (Scottsdale, AZ)

Description of Services:

IC 036, Credit and financial consultation; Financial advice; Financial advice and consultancy services; Financial advisory and consultancy services; Financial advisory and consultancy services relating to micro credits, micro finance and energy products; Financial analyses; Financial analysis and consultation; Financial analysis and research services; Financial and investment services, namely, management and brokerage in the fields of stocks, bonds, options, commodities, futures and other securities, and the investment of funds of others; Financial consultancy; Financial consultancy and insurance consultancy; Financial consultancy services in the area of healthcare; Financial consultation; Financial consulting; Financial consulting services, namely, expert analysis in finance; Financial forecasting; Financial information and advisory services; Financial information and evaluations; Financial information processing; Financial information provided by electronic means; Financial management; Financial planning; Financial planning and investment advisory services; Financial planning consultation; Financial planning for retirement; Financial portfolio analysis services; Financial portfolio management; Financial research; Financial risk management; Financial risk management consultation; Financial services, namely, credit repair and restoration; Financial services, namely, debt settlement; Financial services, namely, electronic remote check deposit services; Financial services, namely, mortgage planning; Financial services, namely, providing information in the fields of foreign currency, commodities, financial derivatives, interest rate products, and equities via the Internet and intranet systems; Insurance and financial information and consultancy services; On-line financial planning services; Providing a web site featuring personal financial information and financial advice; Providing a web site that assists financial professionals in the management of retirement accounts. Providing a web site where users can post ratings, reviews and recommendations on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other financial instruments; Providing financial information; Providing financial risk management services for electronic funds transfer, credit and debit card and electronic check transactions via a global computer network; Providing information and advice in the field of finance, financial investments, financial valuations, and the financial aspects of retirement; Provision of financial information.