United States Trademark 77/578,874

Filed:  September 25, 2008

Owners:  Loop Advertising, L.L.C.; (Mesa, AZ)

Description of Services:

IC 035, Advertising agencies, namely, promoting the goods and services of others; Advertising and advertisement services; Advertising and business advice relating to telematics’ services; Advertising and business management consultancy; Advertising and commercial information services, via the internet; Advertising and directory services, namely, promoting the services of others by providing a web page featuring links to the websites of others; Advertising and marketing; Advertising and promotion services and related consulting; Advertising and promotional services; Advertising and publicity services; Advertising and publicity services, namely, promoting the goods, services, brand identity and commercial information and news of third parties through print, audio, video, digital and on-line medium; Advertising by transmission of on-line publicity for third parties through electronic communications networks; Advertising consultation; Advertising flyer distribution; Advertising particularly services for the promotion of goods; Advertising services; Advertising services of a radio and television advertising agency; Advertising services, namely, cost-per-action on-line advertising; Advertising services, namely, creating corporate and brand identity for others; Advertising services, namely, promoting and marketing the goods and services of others in the field of upscale choices such as cultural events, restaurants, shopping, and travel via print and electronic media; Advertising services, namely, promoting and marketing the goods and services of others through all public communication means; Advertising services, namely, promoting properties for sale by owner via the Internet; Advertising services, public relations and marketing services, namely, promoting and marketing the goods and services of others through all public communication means; Advertising through all public communication means. Advertising via electronic media and specifically the internet; Advertising, including promotion of products and services of third parties through sponsoring arrangements and licence agreements relating to international sports’ events; Advertising, including promotion relating to the sale of articles and services for third parties by the transmission of advertising material and the dissemination of advertising messages on computer networks; Advertising, marketing and promotion services; Compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the Internet; Consumer loyalty services for commercial, promotional, and/or advertising purposes, namely, administration of frequent flyer program that allows members to redeem miles for points or awards offered by other loyalty programs; Cooperative advertising and marketing; Cooperative advertising and marketing services by way of solicitation, customer service and providing marketing information via web sites on a global computer network; Design of internet advertising; Development, operation and administration of digital signage systems and digital advertising systems for others, namely, providing advertising space by electronic means and global computer information networks; Direct marketing advertising for others; Displaying advertisements for others; Dissemination of advertisements; Dissemination of advertisements and of advertising material; Dissemination of advertising for others via an on-line communications network on the internet; Dissemination of advertising for others via the Internet; Dissemination of advertising matter; Electronic billboard advertising; Internet advertising services; Issuing and updating of advertising texts; On-line advertising and marketing services; On-line advertising on computer communication networks; Pay per click (PPC) advertising management services; Placing advertisements for others. Preparation of custom or non-custom advertising for businesses for dissemination via the web, CD or DVD for optional upload or download to a computer; Preparing and placing advertisements for others; Promoting, advertising and marketing of the on-line web sites of others; Promotion, advertising and marketing of on-line web sites; Providing a searchable online advertising guide featuring the goods and services of other on-line vendors on the internet; Providing a web site at which fitness professionals and facilities can post promotional profiles and respond to advertisements for their services; Providing a web site that enables users to post items for sale through on-line classified advertisements; Providing a web site which features advertisements for the goods and services of others on a global computer network; Services to determine the audience affected by advertisements.