United States Trademark 77/627,269

Filed: December 5, 2008

Owners:  Seema Lopez; (Gilbert, AZ)

Description of Services:

IC 009, Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying portable telephones and telephone equipment and accessories; Battery cases; Beeper carrying cases; Camera cases; Carrying cases and containers for contact lenses; Carrying cases for cell phones; Carrying cases for radio pagers; Carrying cases specially adapted for pocket calculators and cellphones; Cases for children’s eye glasses; Cases for contact lenses; Cases for diskettes and compact disks; Cases for electronic diaries; Cases for mobile phones; Cases for photographic apparatus; Cases for pocket calculators; Cases for spectacles and sunglasses; Cases for spectacles, for pince-nez and for contact lenses; Cases for telephones; CD cases; Compact disc cases; Computer carrying cases; Contact lens cases; DVD cases; Eye glass cases; Eyeglass cases; Eyewear cases; Laptop carrying cases; Plastic and cardboard cases for storing record albums; Plastic case used as a security device for protecting and securing DVDs and other magnetic and electronic media from theft; Protective carrying cases for portable music players, namely, MP3 players; Protective carrying cases specially adapted for global positioning system (GPS) apparatus; Protective carrying cases specially adapted for personal digital assistants (PDA); Protective carrying cases specially adapted for video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor; Protective covers and cases for cell phones, laptops and portable media players; Rolling cases especially adapted for holding laptops and notebook computers; Shield cases for magnetic disks; Spectacle cases; Spectacles, frames and cases.

IC 016, Address books; Albums for stickers; Albums for photgraphs, clippings, keepsakes, and the like.; Almanacs; Anniversary books; Announcement cards; Appointment books; Art and photograph portfolio cases; Autograph books; Baby books; Bibles; Binders; Binders (office supplies); Binders for office use; Binders for the office; Birthday books; Blackboards; Blackboards and scrap books; Blackboards, drawing boards and easels; Blank cards; Blank journal books; Blank journals; Blank note cards; Blank paper notebooks; Blank writing journals; Book covers; Book ends; Book holders; Book markers; Book marks; Bookmarkers; Bookmarks; Calendar desk pads; Cards bearing universal greetings; Cases for checks; Checkbook covers; Children’s activity books; Children’s books; Children’s interactive educational books; Children’s storybooks; Daily planners; Data books; Date books; Desk pads; Desk sets; Diaries; File folders; File pockets; Gift boxes; Greeting cards; Halloween goodie bags of paper or plastic; Holders for desk accessories; Loose leaf binders; Lunch bags; Lunch bags made of textile; Maps; Mounted posters; Note books; Note pads; Notebook dividers; Notebooks; Notepads; Novelty identification cards; Office binders; Painters’ easels; Painting sets for children; Pen and pencil cases; Pen and pencil cases and boxes; Pen and pencil holders; Pen and pencil trays; Pen cases; Pencil cases; Pencil or pen boxes; Photograph album pages; Photograph albums; Photograph mounts; Photographic albums; Picture books; Stamp albums; Wall calendars.