Whatever your intellectual property assets may be, obtaining a patent can be an excellent way to protect them and increase the value of your business. Getting a patent alone, however, without meaningful business and intellectual asset strategies, leaves a lot of the idea’s true value unrealized. The unrealized value may be captured by other companies, or may simply be lost altogether.

In addition to simply filing for and obtaining patents surrounding its core technologies, a company should increase its sophistication in developing and managing new ideas, and in prosecuting patents. New ideas and patent strategies should be discussed during the company’s IP Strategy meetings.


Advanced Patent Strategies

Patent applications and issued patents come in many different forms.  Many patent lawyers can help you to get a patent.  But there is much more in the strategy of obtaining a patent than just filing paperwork.  Patent strategies such as understanding your business and your competitors’ businesses, establishing processes for reviewing new ideas, filing provisional patent applications to take advantage of the first to file patent rules in the United States’ American Inventors Act, and filing clusters of patents protecting different technologies are all patent strategies that your business should consider when choosing a patent attorney.  Here are some advanced patent strategies for companies who want to increase the level of their patent sophistication. Read More.


Provisional Patent

The most basic type of patent application is a “provisional patent application.” For both start-up companies and large companies with highly developed patent portfolios, there are many benefits that can be achieved from filing provisional patent applications. But there are also potential risks that you need to be aware of.  You can avoid the risks by being aware of them. Read More.