Myndshft: A Client Success Story

Client Success Springs from Firm Legal Footing

Booth Udall Fuller helps clients realize their dreams and achieve lasting success by working from a position of strength.  Intellectual Property rights properly secured provide the foundation for innovative development and growth. Mindshift’s growing success is a great example.

Myndshft: Modernizing Healthcare

Myndshft fixes “the ‘administrative plumbing’ that keeps healthcare stuck in the past. Myndshft has developed software and systems that automate and streamline what has been healthcare’s tedious and time-consuming processes. Myndshft frees practitioners to spend more time providing quality care to patients, with less time siphoned away by paperwork and phone calls. Myndshft is streamlining service delivery for infusion therapy providers, specialty pharmacies, genomics companies, and diagnostic laboratories.

Another Leap Forward for Myndshft

As reported by Markets Insider, Myndshft recently announced they will be partnering with Virtue Technologies, a company focused on software that improves the functionality of pharmacies. The new partnership will “enable infusion and specialty pharmacies to improve patient and physician satisfaction, increase staff efficiency, and reduce the risk of payment denials.” This is a much-needed solution for a problem that has grown significantly worse over time.

Ron Wince, who is the CEO of Myndshft stated the following about the partnership with Virtue Technologies, 

“‘The Myndshft-Virtue Technologies partnership is a powerful combination. ‘Myndshft’s focus on benefits and prior authorization at the point of care perfectly complements Virtue Technologies’ vision for making post-acute ordering and receiving of medication services simpler, easier and faster.” I think it’s safe to say that this new partnership between Myndshft and Virtue Technologies will prove to be a win-win for infusion and specialty pharmacy patients and providers alike.