United States Trademark 77/252,266

Filed:  August 10, 2007

Owners:  K & B Beauty Distribution, L.L.C.; (Phoenix, AZ)

Description of Services:

IC 003, Hair tonics; hair waving lotion; hair-washing powder; hydrogen peroxide for use on the hair; lotions for hair; mousse for hair; oils for hair conditioning; pomades for hair; wax for removing body hair; hair mousse; hair mousses; hair nourishers; hair oils; hair pomades; hair relaxers; hair relaxing preparations; hair removing cream; hair rinses; hair shampoo; hair spray; hair straightening preparations; hair styling fixative in the nature of hair wax; hair styling gel; hair styling preparations; hair styling spray; hair tonic; hair color removers; hair colorants; hair coloring preparations; hair conditioner; hair conditioners; hair conditioners for babies; hair creams; hair decolorants; hair dressings for men; hair dressings for women; hair dye; hair dyes; hair emollients; hair fixers; hair frosts; hair gel; hair gels; hair lacquers; hair lighteners; hair lotions; 3-in-1 hair conditioners; 3-in-1 hair shampoos; baby hair conditioner; conditioners; exfoliants for hair; gel for hair; hair balsam; hair bleach; hair bleaches; hair bleaching preparations; hair care creams; hair care kits comprising non-medicated hair care preparations, namely, conditioners, reconstructors, lotions; hair care lotions; hair care preparations; hair cleaning preparations; hair color.