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The law firm of Booth Udall Fuller, PLC is a boutique law firm dedicated exclusively to handling patentstrademarkscopyrights, trade secrets, licensing, and corporate matters.  We practice with integrity and with great respect for our clients.  We work exceptionally well with clients’ in-house or existing legal counsel. We love the work that we do!

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Whatever your intellectual property assets may be, obtaining a patent can be an excellent way to protect them.


Building a brand and distinguishing yourself from the competition is one of the most challenging aspects of business.


As an author,  musician, artist, or small business owner, federal and international copyright law can help you.


Company formations, securities, due diligence, aquisitions, licensing, transactions … Whatever your corporate needs, we can help!

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Welcome to Booth Udall Fuller. As a firm, we represent businesses of all sizes from all areas of the world. As your attorneys, we can provide you with intellectual property strategies, education, guidance in corporate matters, and comprehensive legal services to Advance your Future™.

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