In conjunction with the rise of the Internet, globalization of the world economy has irrevocably changed the way businesses compete. Maintaining and protecting a competitive edge—including assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, know how and licensing—remain important. But now it’s not just a matter of staying ahead of the company from across town, but of competing nationwide and worldwide.

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Welcome to Booth Udall Fuller, PLC. As a firm, we represent small to mid-sized business clients and inventors in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area and throughout Arizona. As your IP attorneys, we can provide you with the intellectual property strategies, education, and comprehensive legal services required to maximize and protect your IP assets, and to help you and your business compete more effectively in the national and global marketplace.

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Whether you are a business owner or an inventor, an intellectual property lawyer from our firm can help you to move ahead and expand the value of your IP assets. If you are interested in getting started or would like to know more about what we can help you and your business achieve before moving ahead—we look forward to talking with you.

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