United States Trademark 78/316,483

Registered:  November 7, 2006

Owners:  Financial M.D. Inc.; (N. Highland, UT)

Description of Services:

IC 016, Printed publications, namely, newsletters relating to finances and financial management and planning.

IC 036, Mortgage lending; Mortgage procurement for others; Mortgage brokerage; Financial analysis and consultation; Financial planning; Financial services, namely financial management and planning, financial analysis and consultation; Financial investment services in the fields of commerce, securities and real estate; Financial counseling services in the fields of insurance, mortgages, real estate, estate planning, foundation planning and planned charitable giving; Brokering services, namely brokering the services of others in the fields of investments, mortgages, debt services, family foundation planning, securities, real estate, and estate planning; Credit recovery services; debt counseling services; Broker services, namely brokering debt acceleration services and products of others, debt settlement programs and services of others, credit arbitration services of others, marketing of tax consultation and preparation services and products of others, and spending management products and budgeting services of others; Debt assessment and consultation.

IC 041, Training, educational, and informational services, namely providing educational classes, seminars, conferences, lectures and workshops in the field of financial planning and investing, and distributing course materials in association therewith.