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An Essential Part of Effective IP Management

In our experience, we have noted that the clients who understand and track their intellectual property assets are the same clients who receive the greatest value from their businesses. That said, a critical tool for tracking IP assets, maximizing their value, and avoiding any infringement on the rights of third parties is the performance of due diligence on a routine basis.

At Booth Udall Fuller, we help businesses of all sizes from all around the world evaluate their IP portfolios and to establish due diligence practices that keep them on top of today’s ever-changing intellectual property landscape.

Despite its vital importance, due diligence often gets neglected or overlooked during the course of day-to-day business operations. As your lawyers, we can provide you with due diligence reports on a monthly basis and legal representation in the event that a problem or issue does arise. 
As a firm, we provide guidance on due diligence issues as well as a comprehensive range of services, including:
  • Intellectual property audits
  • Infringement analyses and opinions
  • Evaluating the protective scope of your patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other IP assets
  • Assessing the IP assets and strength of your competitors
  • Review of licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, and other relevant contracts

Moving Ahead

If you have concerns about your company’s due diligence needs and would like to discuss them with an IP attorney from our firm—we look forward to talking with you. We offer free initial 30 minute consultations and our main office is conveniently located just south of the 202 Freeway in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

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