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Standard Company Contracts & Agreements Ensure Innovation Ownership!

Once a company’s intellectual property is identified and being tracked, there are many opportunities both inside and outside of the company for profiting from that intellectual property. Some examples include additional and enhanced product offerings and services, reduction in production costs, and licensing and selling intellectual property for use by others.

Licensing is a Hidden Revenue Most Companies Miss!

In addition to the essential confidentiality agreements, employee, and outside contractor agreements you need to ensure ownership of the innovation and creativity you pay for, Booth Udall Fuller attorneys can help you identify possible licensing opportunities and negotiate favorable licensing terms.

Our attorneys draft, review and edit all kinds of patent-, trademark-, copyright- and trade secret- related contracts and licenses. We can also provide reviews of agreement terms to confirm the intellectual property is being handled correctly, or to understand the business effect of specific provisions.

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From IP Agreements Essentials packages for your company to creation or review of custom licenses and contracts, Booth Udall Fuller attorneys can help you today!

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