Patent Filing Receipt

When a patent application is filed electronically, an initial electronic filing receipt is issued immediately by the United States Patent and Trademark Office assigning a serial number and acting as proof that an application was filed electronically.  After the Patent Office verifies the application and its filing data, an official filing receipt is sent out…

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Provisional Patent Application


What is Provisional Patent Application? A provisional patent application is unique among patent applications because it is not ever formally examined by a patent examiner.  The provisional application is reviewed to confirm it includes all of the parts needed for an application, but then it just sits in the United States Patent and Trademark Office…

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Myndshft: A Client Success Story


Client Success Springs from Firm Legal Footing Booth Udall Fuller helps clients realize their dreams and achieve lasting success by working from a position of strength.  Intellectual Property rights properly secured provide the foundation for innovative development and growth. Mindshift’s growing success is a great example. Myndshft: Modernizing Healthcare Myndshft fixes “the ‘administrative plumbing’ that…

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