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Trademarks & Branding Basics

The public recognizes your company through its unique trademarks and logos. Your good will and much of your market share is tied to the public knowing that your good name means quality and innovation. They trust you to deliver what they need. If someone else copies your trademarks or logos to compete unfairly, your reputation and business are hurt in ways you can never completely reverse.

Your company’s identity is its most valuable asset. Do you have your federal trademark registrations yet? 

Don’t let someone else register your trademark first!

A federal trademark registration not only gives you federal enforcement rights for your trademark, but it also puts everyone on notice that you own that trademark.  Giving them notice alone will prevent many others from even thinking of using your trademark, and tracking trademark registrations can help prevent others registering trademarks similar to yours.


What is your branding strategies and a comprehensive branding plan are important parts of your business plan. Have you considered your options?

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