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Unlike other intellectual property assets such as patents or trademarks, trade secrets do not require any official applications or registration. What they do require is that you take demonstrable steps, through policies, practices, and employee agreements, to keep your business’s trade secrets secret.

At Booth Udall Fuller PLC, we can show you how.

What is a Trade Secret?

A trade secret can be almost anything. It can be an accounting formula, a recipe, a manufacturing process, a management technique, or even something as simple as a compilation of information.

In some situations, it may be difficult to tell whether you need to obtain a patent or secure something as a trade secret instead. In any case, our firm can teach you how to identify which aspects of your business are trade secrets worth protecting, which ones are patentable, and which ones may be potential sources of licensing revenue.

After categorizing your trade secrets, we will help you to develop and implement policies to protect them and to draft employee agreements such as non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements wherever appropriate.

Moving Ahead

If you are interested in our services and in learning more about the important trade secrets your business ought to protect—we look forward to talking with you. We offer free initial 30 minute consultations and our main office is conveniently located just south of the 202 Freeway in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

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